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The House

The entire place belongs to the guests. You don't have to share the house or the spacious garden with anyone.
The two hectares of a real fairy garden await visitors.

Our history

There is a house that has been empty for too long.
A house that knows the secrets of the forest and where deer go to crack nuts.
A guest house on the edge of the village, just waiting for you to enter and relax.
Come, we're waiting!

Beyond the garden

There is nothing here…. in other words, everything is here for which you should come from the rush of the 21st century.
- you just walk through the garden, down to the valley and sit outside to watch the deer - you just take your coffee and listen to the birds in the garden, watch the squirrel - you just let your child and your dog play freely, there is no danger, no problem - just no you finally do nothing, and since you can't finish it in one day, you continue tomorrow. 


We are waiting for you. Bán Ház in Barabásszeg will open its doors this year for the first time guests for. Key house - if you want, you don't have to meet anyone, if you want, the whole neighborhood is happy to talk!

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