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Our history

Bánház - the island of peace in the heart of Zala.

Sitting under the walnut trees, the ancient beauty of nature unfolds before us. 

There is a house that has been empty for too long. A house that knows the secrets of the forest and where deer go to crack nuts. A house on the edge of the village just waiting for you to enter and relax. Come, we're waiting!

The Báns were minor nobles who determined the everyday life of Barabásszeg and Zala counties for centuries. The family left the house and the village and no one even remembered that its painted ceiling, spacious interior, old furniture, cellar and huge garden were the miracle itself.


The deer are used to it, and the walnut, pear and plum trees are burial grounds for them. They hid from the world in the garden. The renovation preserved everything that could be possible, we are also at peace with the deer and share the garden.

35 years ago, Krisztina and Joki came across a wonderful, long-defunct school building in the depopulated village of Vöröszeg.


At first, they only wanted a place where they could retreat with their family and friends to relax, celebrate, and simply enjoy the small joys of life in the lap of nature.

However, the place and the house became more and more attractive, the houses of the Szeg were constantly being renovated, and the mowing fields and forests and meadows were cultivated again. More and more people came and the four guesthouses almost came to life by themselves. This is not a hotel. Everyone here is welcomed as a member of the family.

During the pandemic, they were stuck for half a year, but this place did not bring isolation, but the enjoyment of nature and the countryside. A spring and a summer without the rush. During an afternoon walk, they discovered the beautiful but abandoned house for sale, whose sad emptiness made them want to breathe life into it again.

This is how the story of the Bánház began. 

Barabásszeg logó-03.png
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