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Beyond the garden

Barabásszeg and its surroundings

Becsvölgye County of Zala one of his villages, his small village, the Zalai hills in the area, the in Göcsej. 770 people live in 348 residential buildings in the settlement.

This is one of the oldest settlements in Zala county and consists of seven distinct corners. The word szeg means place, area. The very first locality of today's Becsvölgye stood in the northern area of Barabásszeg, which was mentioned as terra Bech in 1178 during the Turkish era. úBarabásszeg an approximately 5,800-year-old, copper age a female figure was found. In the area bronze age artifacts were also found.

The origin of the name Becs is disputed, according to some the word avar  originates from, it can mean a round castle, a watchtower may also mean a guard place, but it can also be derived from the names of people of different nationalities, but this is also not certain.  



We have collected our favorite places in the area: so that you have everything for a really good breakfast, so that you know where to buy cheese for your picnic, or where to reserve a table so that you will remember the flavors even next year.



We have collected our favorite things to do in the area, but barely we are waiting

to share with us the

Your experiences too!

Ban garden weddings

& events


The perfect choice for family, friend or company retreats, events or an intimate wedding.

The entire place belongs to the guests. You don't have to share the house or the spacious garden with anyone.

If you are thinking of a similar event, contact us!

Barabásszeg logó-03.png
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